Tree Biotechnology Conference 2015

8-12 June 2015, Florence, Italy

 IUFRO Tree Biotechnology Conference

 “Forests: the importance to the planet and society”

The IUFRO Tree Biotechnology Conference is held every two years and is the official meeting of the IUFRO Working Group 2.04.06 (Molecular biology of forest trees). The year 2015 is the thirtieth anniversary of its initial gathering in 1985 in the U.S. (Avon Lake, Ohio), and for the first time organized in Italy, returning to Europe after 8 years. It is estimated that approximately 300 delegates from 50 countries will participate the Tree Biotechnology Conference being the major international forum to present and discuss new developments and ideas related to the current state and future of research in genetics, genomics and biotechnology in the forestry.

This conference brings together academics, scientists, public and private institutions of international, national and regional, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders to discuss all aspects of biotechnology and biosafety of forest trees.
Therefore the “IUFRO Tree Biotechnology” offers a unique opportunity to share information and experiences, and to engage in an open and meaningful dialogue on the state of research in the field.

The main theme of the conference is “Forests: the importance to the planet and society” and how to preserve it in the light of global climate change to meet the growing demands of society for sustainable resources, renewable energy and biomass production.

In response to the needs of the society (wood, biomass, paper, energy, etc.), there is an increase in forest plantations at high productivity (e.g. Populus spp. and Eucalyptus spp.). It is to highlight that the latest generation of biotechnology can meet the demands of the society by helping to preserve the natural forests and reducing deforestation of large forest areas important for the for the ecosystem preservation.

In view of this, four main topics and related thematics have been selected for the IUFRO Tree Biotechnology 2015 Conference.


Conference Topics

1) Tree Genomics and Climate Change

- Comparative genomics, Genome sequencing and evolution

- Genomes of climate/environmental change adaptation

- Associating genes with traits

- Epigenetics

2) Tree ecosystem, biodiversity, conservation and environment interactions

- Ecosystem and gene conservation, genetic resources

- Tree-microbe interactions (insects, fungi, viruses, …)

- Tree-soil interactions

- Tree-environment interactions

3) Tree Biotechnology: molecular understanding of tree growth and development and applications for tree improvement

- Molecular understanding of tree growth and development

- Genomic selection and other new breeding strategies

- Transcriptomics and metabolomics

- Transgenesis, cisgenic and intragenic trees

- In vitro culture (organogenesis, somatic embryogenesis and somatic hybridization)

- Phytoremediation

4) Biosafety: environmental risk assessment, monitoring and management, and socio-economic implications


- Field trials with GM trees in the world


- Environmental impact assessment and monitoring of GMTs


- Management strategies

- Socio-economic implications in relation to the use of GMTs: concerns and acceptance by the public 


Conference Dates

June 8 (Monday) to June 12 (Friday), 2015


Conference Venue

The Opening Session and the Welcome Reception will be held in the “Aula Magna” (Great Hall) and in the courtyard of the “Rettorato” of University of Florence (Piazza San Marco, n. 4, Florence), respectively.

The Conference will be held in D6 building in the “Polo di Novoli”. All the rooms are in this building, where there will be also catering area. The University “Polo di Novoli”, Via delle Pandette 9, is located in the Novoli District of Florence. It is the centre of didactic services and support for Economy, Law and Political Science of University of Florence.

See Conference Venue and Scientific program web pages for details.


Social Program

The Conference includes an Opening Cerimony on the June 8th with a following cocktail in the Aula Magna of the Rettorato of the University of Florence in San Marco Square, 4. Such a ceremony is reserved to the participants and the accompanying person registered.

Conference Banquet will be held on June 11th. For such an event the participant is required to be registered in time and pay for the entrance ticket.


We look forward to meeting you to Florence! 


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